SOCIAL WORKERS: Finding Real Solutions for Real Problems

This book provides a guide for the general public on how a social worker can
Be helpful in different life situations and when to seek professional help. It is also useful for students and those who want to learn more about social work.

A guide to the Utilization of Professional Social Work Services introduces the book followed by 18 chapters and authors – all professional social workers – that address personal and relationship problems and specialized areas of practice:

Clinical Social Work -
- with Children and Adolescents
- after a Traumatic Event
- with Adults with Anxiety or Depression
- with Troubled Couples
- with LGBT Couples
- in Private Practice
Social Work –
- in the Treatment of Addictions
- with individuals and Families Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease or a Related
- with Disabled Adults and Their Caregivers
- in the Terminal Phase of Illness and Hospice Care
Social Workers who are Care Managers
Social Work Services in Long-Term Care

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