The Helen Rehr Center for Social Work Practice
is a not for profit organization founded in 2010 by a group of social workers concerned about the future of direct practice and the unique skills the profession brings to work with individuals, families, and communities.
The mission of the Center—named in honor of social work pioneer, the late Dr. Helen Rehr—is to help enhance social work practice within the traditional framework of the person-in-situation environment. The Center carries out this mission through projects that highlight the unique features of the profession and through collaboration with other organizations in effective advocacy strategies.

The issues which the Center seeks to address include:

• The increasingly compromised standards of agency based professional social work practice—evidenced by a split between the clinical and case management components of practice.

• A growing trend toward filling social service positions with non-professional social work staff.

• A diminishment in the numbers of skilled professional social work supervisors.

• A increased use of digitalized records and on-line communications that impact on the profession’s holistic approach and client confidentiality.