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I want to thank the board members who served during my tenure, worked hard, offered wisdom, advice and support. Several board members resigned: Laudy Burgos, Fran Freedman, Carolyn Hutson, Priscilla Liriano, and Alicia Tennenbaum. I appreciate that each stayed the course while taking on new jobs or educational programs, while managing family and parenting obligations. As social workers we are the best equipped to appreciate the life cycle and its challenges. I have in my career especially tried to address work/family balance issues. As we are committed to a diverse board and addition of younger colleagues, I believe it is very important to recognize this reality.

I am reassured to hand over the reins of leadership to Dr. Barbara Silverstone, one of our founders. Barbara has worked tirelessly to guide us to obtain CEU credits and financial stability. She is a consummate leader in our profession who has always been a wise supportive guiding light and has the time the Board as a volunteer group deserves to move forward on fresh initiatives.

Susan Matorin, LCSW, ACSW

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